Článek: An Analysis of Graphical Representation of Data…

30/12/2022 ⟶ výzkumčlánekkonferencevizualizace

Recenzovaný příspěvek vyšel ve sborníku Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Education and Educational Psychology (ICEEPSY 2022). Představuje první výsledky z obsahové analýzy českých prvostupňových učebnic s ohledem na využívání vizualizace dat.

Plný text zde: https://doi.org/10.15405/epiceepsy.22123.15

Abstrakt příspěvku

The paper aims to present the research on the frequency and prevalence of graphical representations of data in Czech elementary education mathematic textbooks. Textbooks were selected based on the presence of a note of approval granted by The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. Eighty-four textbooks (and workbooks where available) were analysed, with 2760 graphical representations of data identified. These representations were coded into seven types and 14 subtypes with a combination of apriori and emergent coding. Graphical representations of data are affluent in local mathematics textbooks. They follow logical routes of introduction, with pictorial unit graphics common in the early grades, taking the form of proto-graphs later. Bar graphs and pie graphs are the most common types of fully developed graphs identified in the source materials. The outputs will serve as a base for further study in the area, as the ways of building data visualisation literacy are not yet sufficiently explored and described in the local context of elementary education.